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The Accidentals
Type of groupArts
MembershipMore than a dozen
Meeting timeSeveral times a week
Meeting placeAll over!

The Accidentals is an all-female a cappella group at Williams, breaking hearts since 1989. Our repertoire covers a wide range of artists like Ingrid Michaelson, the Beatles, and T-Pain, and it is always evolving. We love to hear song suggestions!

Accis are also oh so incredibly hot right now.

2012-2013 Members:

Christine Yeoun '13 (Business Manager, President)

Emily Chapman '13

Belle Baxley '13

Jenni Ginsberg '13 (Music Director)

Jennifer Borderud '13

Tiffany Chang '14 (Music Director)

JoJo McDonald '14

Julia Juster '14 (Abroad - Fall 2012)

Luigia Goodman '14

Lily An '15

Alice Chapman '15

Simone Frank '15

Cary Hairfield '15

Emalie Rott '15

Avery Pagan '16

Ellie Pitmon '16

Lauren Christiansen '16

Most importantly, no matter what we do, where we go, or how lost we get along the way, we always have a great time together. So if you want to sing with us, hire us, talk to us, or date us, we look foward to hearing from you!