Amanda R. Van Rhyn '06

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Amanda (along with Caroline Toy '06) is this year's denizen of the official Den of Slack, a common room in Fitch which serves as bop-sword armory and time-wasting central command quarters for WARP. It is appropriate that her common room should be such, as she is the esteemed and feared Figure-head of WARP. She is also the senior editor of the Mad Cow humor magazine.

When not performing deeds of slack (that is, role-playing), Amanda keeps busy with her 2.5 majors (Biology, Japanese, and a concentration in Neuroscience), cares for the Bio department's lab mice, and tries to mend her Invisible Intangible boyfriend's musical tastes.

The euphonic qualities of the following piece of dialog point to a possible career for Amanda in Mad Science:

Technician: Dr. Van Rhyn! Your infernal machine!

Hopefully, she will use her infernal machine for good and not for evil.