Basics of Ultimate Frisbee

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The best way to make a cut (trying to get open when you don't have the disc) is to take several hard steps in one direction, and then sprint full out in the direction you'd like to receive the disc. Trying to "shake off" your defender, or "spin around" him or her will waste time and not work. Sometimes you won't even need a fake--simply sprint hard to the place you want to catch the disc.

Types of Cuts

  • In cut: A vertical cut that goes toward the handler.
  • Deep cut: A vertical cut that goes away from the handler.
  • Dump cut: When no one is able to get open in the cutting lane and the stall count gets around 7 or 8, a player (preferebly a handler from the front of the stack) runs behind the player with the disc so he can throw a short high percentage throw and reset the stall count.
  • Money Cut: A cut made from behind the disc, often used as a threat when your defender is taking away your dump cut.

The Stack

The offense forms a line of players toward the middle of the field creating field space to the left and right of the handler. Players cut one at a time from the back of the stack toward the force side.

  • Clearing: If you don't get the disc when cutting or the handler calls you out sprint back into the stack so that space is clear for the next person to cut.
  • Make Vertical Cuts: Cut vertically, or up and down the field, rather than side to side. Horizontal cuts cut off players who are cutting after you and are more difficult to complete.


The Force

This strategy has 2 components:

  1. The defender on point-d (defense on the handler) tries to take away all the throws to one side of the field so that
  2. The rest of the defense "cheats" to the other side trusting that throws will only go up on that side.

The side that the field defenders try to take away is called the force side while the side that the point-d tries to take away is called the break side.

  • Force Forehand: the point-d forces the handler to throw to the (right-handed) "forehand" side of the field.
  • Force Backhand: the opposite.

More Advanced Strategy (More details later)

  • Zone Defense
  • Zone Offense
  • Ho' Stack
  • The Oscillator
  • Other Sorts of Forces
  • Bookending
  • Trapping
  • Cheering Dart's Mom
  • Huck and Z