Ben Isecke

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Ben Isecke ('02) (1979- ) majored in Computer Science and Music, and took part in Williams Students Online, the Clarinet Choir (which he alone calls "the Licorice Shtick"), KAOS: Killing as Organized Sport, Williams Trivia, and the Chamber Choir. He taught a few Free University courses, involved himself in a few Cap and Bells productions, co-directed the Elizabethans for two years, and was the student director for the Concert Choir his senior year. He got his masters degree in Conducting from the Mannes College of Music, and was one 6-credit semester away from making it a dual masters in Music Theory before he was whisked off by a job that was too good to pass up. He currently resides in New Jersey where he teaches Computer Science and vocal music at a high school for the gifted. He loves his students. They are gifted. He also works on Readorium, helping middle school kids to learn to comprehend nonfiction text.