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Obviously, [[Schow Science Library|Schow]] and [[Sawyer Library|Sawyer]] are the best places to find books on campus. You can even search their [http://francis.williams.edu online catalog] without putting on <s>shoes</s> pants. But it gets pretty chilly around Williamstown, and sometimes it'd be nice if you knew that someone in your dorm owned a book you were looking for so you didn't have to put on 8 layers of clothes and brave the cold. Here are books owned by people who are willing to share them, and their locations. '''Feel free to list your own, and put new entries at the top of the list.'''
Obviously, [[Schow Science Library|Schow]] and [[Sawyer Library|Sawyer]] are the best places to find [[books]] on campus. You can even search their [http://francis.williams.edu online catalog] without putting on pants. But it gets pretty chilly around Williamstown, and sometimes it'd be nice if you knew that someone in your dorm owned a book you were looking for so you didn't have to put on 8 layers of clothes and brave the cold. Here are books owned by people who are willing to share them, and their locations. '''Feel free to list your own, and put new entries at the top of the list.'''
You can click on a column title to sort.
You can click on a column title to sort.
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|Thomas Wolfe|| You Can't Go Home Again||West (Joanna Demakis)
|Amartya Sen|| Identity and Violence||Mark Hopkins([[Rahul Shah '09]])
|Jack Kerouac|| The Town and the City||West (Joanna Demakis)
|Arthur C. Clarke|| 2001: A Space Odyssey||Mark Hopkins([[Rahul Shah '09]])
|Jack Kerouac|| The Dharma Bums||West (Joanna Demakis)
|Arthur C. Clarke|| 2010: Second Odyssey||Mark Hopkins([[Rahul Shah '09]])
|Jack Kerouac|| On the Road||West (Joanna Demakis)
|Terry Pratchett|| Hogfather||Mark Hopkins([[Rahul Shah '09]])
|Henry D. Thoreau|| Walden||West (Joanna Demakis)
|Langston Hughes|| The Dream Keeper and Other Poems||Bryant([[Lars Ojukwu '07]])
|Arthur Schnitzler|| Selected Short Fiction||West (Joanna Demakis)
|Gordon B. Hinckley|| Standing For Something||Bryant([[Lars Ojukwu '07]])
|Joseph von Eichendorff|| Life of a Good-for-Nothing||West (Joanna Demakis)
|C.S. Lewis|| The Screwtape Letters||Bryant([[Lars Ojukwu '07]])
|Gore Vidal|| Burr||West (Joanna Demakis)
|James Fowler|| Stages Of Faith||Bryant([[Lars Ojukwu '07]])
|William Makepeace Thackeray|| Vanity Fair||West (Joanna Demakis)
|Geoffrey Wolff|| The Duke Of Deception||Bryant([[Lars Ojukwu '07]])
|Stephen E. Ambrose|| Undaunted Courage||West (Joanna Demakis)
|Italo Calvino|| If On a Winter's Night a Traveler||Bryant([[Lars Ojukwu '07]])
|Euripides|| Medea, Hippolytus, Helen||West (Joanna Demakis)
|Sir Arthur Conan Doyle|| The Valley Of Fear||Bryant([[Lars Ojukwu '07]])
|Plato|| Timaeus and Critias||West (Joanna Demakis)
|Lewis Spence|| The History of Atlantis||West (Joanna Demakis)
|Mario Puzo|| The Godfather||West (Joanna Demakis)
|Mark Dunn|| Ibid||West (Joanna Demakis)
|D.H. Lawrence|| Lady Chatterley's Lover||West (Joanna Demakis)
|Jim Sheperd and Ron Hansen|| You've Got to Read This||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Nathaniel Hawthorne et al|| The Great American Short Story||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Tsushima Yuko|| Child of Fortune||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Kurt Vonnegut|| Cat's Cradle||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Pablo Neruda|| 20 Love Poems and a Song of Despair||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Alexander Pushkin|| The Queen of Spades and Other Stories||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Franz Kafka|| Selected Short Stories||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Samuel Beckett|| Waiting For Godot||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Aristophanes|| Complete Plays||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Bertold Brecht|| The Jewish Wife adn Other Plays||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|David Kamp and Steven Daly|| The Rock Snob's Dictionary||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Mishima Yukio|| Spring Snow||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Mishima Yukio|| Runaway Horses||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Jasper Fforde|| The Eyre Affair||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Mark Haddon|| The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Tennesee Williams|| A Streetcar Named Desire||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Gina Misiroglu|| The Superhero Book||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Catullus et al|| The Latin Poets||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Eugene Ionesco|| The Bald Soprano and Other Plays||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Carson McCullers|| The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Judy Jones and William Wilson|| An Incomplete Education||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|NY Times|| NY Times Guide to Essential Knowledge||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Virgil|| The Aeniad||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|David Mamet|| Glengarry Glen Ross||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|David Mamet|| American Buffalo||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Thornton Wilder|| Our Town||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Thornton Wilder|| The Bridge of San Luis Rey||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Thomas Pynchon|| The Crying of Lot 49||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Tom Stoppard|| Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Luigi Pirandello|| Six Characters In Search of an Author and Other Plays||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Murakami Haruki|| Norweigan Wood||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Stendhal|| The Red and the Black||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Walt Whitman|| Leaves of Grass||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Oe Kenzaburo|| A Personal Matter||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|George Kaufman|| Collected Plays||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|James Joyce|| Ulysses||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|James Joyce|| Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|T.S. Eliot|| Wasteland and Other Poems||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Jean Genet|| Our Lady of the Flowers||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Donald Barthelme|| City Life||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Saul Bellow|| The Adventures of Augie March||Fitch([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Robert Browning|| Selected Poems||Fitch ([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|W.B. Yeats|| Complete Poetry||Fitch ([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Wallace Stevens|| Collected Poems||Fitch ([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Robert Frost|| Complete Poetry||Fitch ([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Alan Moore and David Gibbons|| Watchmen||Fitch ([[Dave Letzler '06]])
|Duane Bailey||Java Structures||Prospect ([http://wso.williams.edu/facebook/view?unix=07jmc Jessica Chung])
|Duane Bailey||Java Structures||Prospect ([http://wso.williams.edu/facebook/view?unix=07jmc Jessica Chung])

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Obviously, Schow and Sawyer are the best places to find books on campus. You can even search their online catalog without putting on pants. But it gets pretty chilly around Williamstown, and sometimes it'd be nice if you knew that someone in your dorm owned a book you were looking for so you didn't have to put on 8 layers of clothes and brave the cold. Here are books owned by people who are willing to share them, and their locations. Feel free to list your own, and put new entries at the top of the list.

You can click on a column title to sort.

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author title location
Amartya Sen Identity and Violence Mark Hopkins(Rahul Shah '09)
Arthur C. Clarke 2001: A Space Odyssey Mark Hopkins(Rahul Shah '09)
Arthur C. Clarke 2010: Second Odyssey Mark Hopkins(Rahul Shah '09)
Terry Pratchett Hogfather Mark Hopkins(Rahul Shah '09)
Langston Hughes The Dream Keeper and Other Poems Bryant(Lars Ojukwu '07)
Gordon B. Hinckley Standing For Something Bryant(Lars Ojukwu '07)
C.S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters Bryant(Lars Ojukwu '07)
James Fowler Stages Of Faith Bryant(Lars Ojukwu '07)
Geoffrey Wolff The Duke Of Deception Bryant(Lars Ojukwu '07)
Italo Calvino If On a Winter's Night a Traveler Bryant(Lars Ojukwu '07)
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Valley Of Fear Bryant(Lars Ojukwu '07)
Duane Bailey Java Structures Prospect (Jessica Chung)
Vincent Van Gogh The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh Mission (Steve Melis)
Ambrose Bierce The Devil's Dictionary Mission (Steve Melis)
EUGENE O'NEILL Three Plays Thompson (Evan Miller)
William Shakespeare Macbeth Thompson (Evan Miller)
HEDRICK SMITH Power Game Thompson (Evan Miller)
Terry Teachout The Skeptic Thompson (Evan Miller)
Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince and The Discourses Thompson (Evan Miller)
BILL BRYSON I'm a Stranger Here Myself Thompson (Evan Miller)
Edward Purcell Electricity and Magnetism, Vol. II Thompson (Evan Miller)
William Shakespeare Henry V Thompson (Evan Miller)
James D. Watson The Double Helix Thompson (Evan Miller)
Mary Fulbrook History of Germany 1918-2000 Thompson (Evan Miller)
Peter Fritzsche Reading Berlin 1900 Thompson (Evan Miller)
RAYMOND CHANDLER The Long Goodbye Thompson (Evan Miller)
Herman Melville Moby-Dick or The Whale Thompson (Evan Miller)
Lewis and Papadimitriou Elements of the Theory of Computation Thompson (Evan Miller)
Thomas Hobbes Leviathan Thompson (Evan Miller)
William Least Heat-Moon Blue Highways Thompson (Evan Miller)
Michelin THE GREEN GUIDE Germany, 3e Thompson (Evan Miller)
Kenneth Reek Pointers on C Thompson (Evan Miller)
Joseph Kerman, Gary Tomlinson Listen-- Brief Fourth Edition Thompson (Evan Miller)
John Sharp, Jon Jagger Microsoft Visual C# .NET Step by Step Thompson (Evan Miller)
FREDERICK COPLESTON History of Philosophy, Volume 5 Thompson (Evan Miller)
FREDERICK COPLESTON History of Philosophy, Volume 7 Thompson (Evan Miller)
Rudyard Kipling Kim Thompson (Evan Miller)
Allen Mandelbaum The Aeneid of Virgil Thompson (Evan Miller)
Aaron Copland What to Listen for in Music Thompson (Evan Miller)
William Shakespeare HENRY IV PART 1 Thompson (Evan Miller)
Ronald Takaki A Different Mirror Thompson (Evan Miller)
Harold Bloom How to Read and Why Thompson (Evan Miller)
Mark Twain Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Thompson (Evan Miller)
Karl Marx, Frederick Engels The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 Thompson (Evan Miller)
Michael I. Meyerson Political Numeracy Thompson (Evan Miller)
Gerard De Nerval Selected Writings Thompson (Evan Miller)
Charles I. Freundlich Review Text in Latin Three and Four Years Thompson (Evan Miller)
WALKER PERCY The Moviegoer Thompson (Evan Miller)
Gustave Flaubert, Douglas Parmee A Sentimental Education Thompson (Evan Miller)
Sophocles The Oedipus Cycle Thompson (Evan Miller)
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe The Sufferings of Young Werther Thompson (Evan Miller)
Jean-Jacques Rousseau The Social Contract and Discourses Thompson (Evan Miller)
Alexander Solzhenitsyn Gulag Archipelago Thompson (Evan Miller)
Kurt Vonnegut Cat's cradle Thompson (Evan Miller)
Sinclair Lewis Babbit Thompson (Evan Miller)
Edwin A. Abbott Flatland Thompson (Evan Miller)
WILLIAM FAULKNER The Reivers Thompson (Evan Miller)
Buck Tilton Backcountry First Aid and Extended Care, 4th Thompson (Evan Miller)
Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Atwan The Best American Essays of the Century Thompson (Evan Miller)
Peter Schneider, Leigh Hafrey The Wall Jumper Thompson (Evan Miller)
Jonathan Swift Gulliver's Travels and Other Writings Thompson (Evan Miller)
FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE On the Genealogy of Morals and Ecce Homo Thompson (Evan Miller)
Williams Outing Club North Berkshire Outdoor Guide Thompson (Evan Miller)
Plato Republic of Plato Thompson (Evan Miller)
DASHIELL HAMMETT The Thin Man Thompson (Evan Miller)
James M. Cain Double Indemnity Thompson (Evan Miller)
Primo Levi Survival In Auschwitz Thompson (Evan Miller)
Thomas L. Miller, et al. Let's Go 2004 Germany Thompson (Evan Miller)
Hamilton, Madison, Jay The Federalist Papers Thompson (Evan Miller)
Thomas Wolfe You Can't Go Home Again Thompson (Evan Miller)
William Shakespeare ROMEO AND JULIET Thompson (Evan Miller)
Fyodor Dostoyevsky The Brothers Karamazov Thompson (Evan Miller)
Geoffrey Chaucer, Nevill Coghill The Canterbury Tales Thompson (Evan Miller)
Henry Adams Democracy Thompson (Evan Miller)
T. S. Eliot The Waste Land and Other Poems Thompson (Evan Miller)
George Orwell Animal Farm Thompson (Evan Miller)
Harold Bloom English Romantic Poetry Thompson (Evan Miller)
WILLIAM FAULKNER The Hamlet Thompson (Evan Miller)
Charles Dickens Pickwick Papers Thompson (Evan Miller)
Sigmund Freud Civilization and Its Discontents Thompson (Evan Miller)
Ravi Zacharias The Lotus and the Cross Thompson (Evan Miller)
FYODOR DOSTOEVSKY The Idiot Thompson (Evan Miller)
Plato, W.K.C. Guthrie Protagoras and Meno Thompson (Evan Miller)
Alexander Solzhenitsyn One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Thompson (Evan Miller)
William Shakespeare Antony and Cleopatra Thompson (Evan Miller)
Arthur Miller The Crucible Thompson (Evan Miller)
Henry James The Turn of the Screw Thompson (Evan Miller)
Lynn Hunt, et al. The Making of the West Thompson (Evan Miller)
Kenneth S. Krane Modern Physics Thompson (Evan Miller)
Richard Phillips Feynman QED Thompson (Evan Miller)
Duane Bailey, Duane Bailey Java Structures Thompson (Evan Miller)
DAVID GUTERSON Snow Falling on Cedars Thompson (Evan Miller)
G. L. Kane, Gordon Kane Supersymmetry Thompson (Evan Miller)
Mary L. Boas Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences Thompson (Evan Miller)
Graham Farmelo It Must Be Beautiful Thompson (Evan Miller)
James Boswell Boswell's Life of Johnson Thompson (Evan Miller)
Sinclair Lewis Main Street Thompson (Evan Miller)
Douglas R. Hofstadter Gödel, Escher, Bach Thompson (Evan Miller)
Thomas H. Cormen, et. al. Introduction to Algorithms, Second Edition Thompson (Evan Miller)
Whitney S Stoddard Reflections on the Architecture of Williams College Thompson (Evan Miller)
Stephen Wolfram A New Kind of Science Thompson (Evan Miller)
Daniel Webster, Robert Hayne Webster-Hayne Debate on the Nature of the Union Thompson (Evan Miller)
K. U. Ingard Fundamentals of Waves and Oscillations Thompson (Evan Miller)
Ray Kurzweil The Age of Spiritual Machines Thompson (Evan Miller)
Montesquieu Persian Letters Thompson (Evan Miller)
Petronius The Satyricon Thompson (Evan Miller)
William Wordsworth Favorite Poems Thompson (Evan Miller)
Arthur M. Okun Equality and Efficiency Thompson (Evan Miller)
I. Bernard Cohen Revolution in Science Thompson (Evan Miller)
Ellen Siever, et. al. LINUX in A Nutshell Thompson (Evan Miller)
Joseph Conrad Lord Jim Thompson (Evan Miller)
William Shakespeare MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM Thompson (Evan Miller)
Richard Dawkins The Ancestor's Tale Thompson (Evan Miller)
Karl Marx The Marx-Engels Reader Thompson (Evan Miller)
T. Harry Williams Huey Long Thompson (Evan Miller)
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche The portable Nietzsche Thompson (Evan Miller)
Randy J. Ray, Pavel Kulchenko Programming Web Services with Perl Thompson (Evan Miller)
FYODOR DOSTOEVSKY Notes from Underground Thompson (Evan Miller)
Jonathan Swift Gulliver's Travels Thompson (Evan Miller)
George Sand, Zack Rogow Horace Thompson (Evan Miller)
Clyde Pharr Vergil's Aeneid, Books I-VI Thompson (Evan Miller)
Mary Wollstonecraft A Vindication of the Rights of Woman Thompson (Evan Miller)
Voltaire, Daniel Gordon Candide Thompson (Evan Miller)
Robert D. Putnam Bowling Alone Thompson (Evan Miller)
Harvey C. Mansfield A Student's Guide to Political Philosophy Thompson (Evan Miller)
Francis Fukuyama Our Posthuman Future Thompson (Evan Miller)
Wislawa Szymborska View with a Grain of Sand Thompson (Evan Miller)
Leo Tolstoy, Richard Pevear Anna Karenina Thompson (Evan Miller)
F. Scott Fitzgerald TENDER IS THE NIGHT Thompson (Evan Miller)
JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE Goethe's Faust Thompson (Evan Miller)
Charles Berlitz German Step by Step Thompson (Evan Miller)
William Shakespeare The sonnets of William Shakespeare Thompson (Evan Miller)
H.L. MENCKEN Mencken Chrestomathy Thompson (Evan Miller)
Mitchell Cohen, Nicole Fermon Princeton Readings in Political Thought Thompson (Evan Miller)
Richard E. Prior, Joseph Wohlberg 501 Latin Verbs Thompson (Evan Miller)
Henry Strutz 501 German Verbs Thompson (Evan Miller)
WILLIAM FAULKNER Absalom, Absalom! Thompson (Evan Miller)
WILLIAM FAULKNER Intruder in the Dust Thompson (Evan Miller)
Thomas More, Paul Turner Utopia Thompson (Evan Miller)
JOHN UPDIKE Rabbit, Run Thompson (Evan Miller)
Benjamin Franklin The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Thompson (Evan Miller)
Arthur Miller Death of A Salesman Thompson (Evan Miller)
Dashiell Hammett The Maltese falcon Thompson (Evan Miller)
Albert O. Hirschman Exit Voice and Loyalty Thompson (Evan Miller)
Guy Stern, E. F. Bleiler Essential German Grammar Thompson (Evan Miller)
Milton Friedman Capitalism and Freedom Thompson (Evan Miller)
LISA JARDINE Ingenious Pursuits Thompson (Evan Miller)
Robert L. Heilbroner The Worldly Philosophers Thompson (Evan Miller)
Charles Baudelaire The Flowers of Evil Thompson (Evan Miller)
F. A. Hayek The Road to Serfdom Thompson (Evan Miller)
Isaiah Berlin The Hedgehog and the Fox Thompson (Evan Miller)
A. E. Housman The Collected Poems of A. E. Housman Thompson (Evan Miller)
Jean-Jacques Rousseau The Social Contract Thompson (Evan Miller)
Arthur M., Jr Schlesinger The Imperial Presidency Thompson (Evan Miller)
J. R. Varian Intermediate Microeconomics Thompson (Evan Miller)
Jon Stewart America: The Book Thompson (Evan Miller)
Rich Shapero Wild Animus Thompson (Evan Miller)
D. P. Simpson Cassell's Latin Dictionary Thompson (Evan Miller)
H. W. Janson History of Art Thompson (Evan Miller)
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Nathan the Wise and Other Plays and Writings Thompson (Evan Miller)
Bill Emmott 20 Thompson (Evan Miller)
Ernest Hemingway The Sun Also Rises Thompson (Evan Miller)
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus Thompson (Evan Miller)
Simon Winchester The Professor and the Madman Thompson (Evan Miller)
LAURIE R. KING The Beekeeper's Apprentice Thompson (Evan Miller)
Garry F. Wills Nixon Agonistes Thompson (Evan Miller)
William Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing Thompson (Evan Miller)
Richard Marius Martin Luther Thompson (Evan Miller)
James Stewart Calculus Thompson (Evan Miller)
TIMOTHY GARTON ASH The File Thompson (Evan Miller)
National Geographic National Geographic Atlas of the World Thompson (Evan Miller)
A.T. Olmstead History of the Persian Empire Thompson (Evan Miller)
God The Holy Bible Thompson (Evan Miller)
Soren Kierkegaard Selections from the Writings of Kierkegaard Thompson (Evan Miller)
Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen Programming Perl Thompson (Evan Miller)
Halliday, Walker, and Resnick Fundamentals of Physics Thompson (Evan Miller)
Hannah Arendt Eichmann in Jerusalem Thompson (Evan Miller)
Kevin A. Ring Scalia Dissents Thompson (Evan Miller)
William Blackstone Commentaries on the Laws of England Thompson (Evan Miller)
John C. Calhoun Union and Liberty Thompson (Evan Miller)
Kathleen Jamieson Everything You Think You Know About Politics... Thompson (Evan Miller)
Edmund Burke Reflections on the Revolution in France Thompson (Evan Miller)
Gary Goshgarian Exploring Language, 10th Edition Thompson (Evan Miller)
Lewis Porter, et al. Jazz Thompson (Evan Miller)
Howard A. Anton, Chris Rorres Elementary Linear Algebra Thompson (Evan Miller)
Alfred, Lord Tennyson Selected Poems Thompson (Evan Miller)
Hitchens, Caldwell Left Hooks, Right Crosses Thompson (Evan Miller)
National Geographic Atlas of the World Thompson (Evan Miller)
D. H. Lawrence Sons and Lovers Thompson (Evan Miller)
Harriosn Major British Writers Thompson (Evan Miller)
Raymond Chandler The Big Sleep Thompson (Evan Miller)
David Held Political Theory Today Thompson (Evan Miller)
Volkmar Essers Henri Matisse 1869-1954 Thompson (Evan Miller)
Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass Thompson (Evan Miller)
Christopher B. Ricks The Oxford Book of English Verse Thompson (Evan Miller)
Louis Menand The Metaphysical Club Thompson (Evan Miller)
Vincent Descombes, et al. Modern French Philosophy Thompson (Evan Miller)
Ralph Baierlein Thermal Physics Thompson (Evan Miller)
Erwin Chemerinsky Constitutional Law Case 2003 Thompson (Evan Miller)
Lawrence E. Cahoone From Modernism to Postmodernism Thompson (Evan Miller)
Survival, Evasion and Escape Thompson (Evan Miller)
ISAAC ASIMOV Second Foundation Thompson (Evan Miller)
John Keats Selected Letters of John Keats Thompson (Evan Miller)
Jorge Luis Borges Labyrinths Thompson (Evan Miller)
Gabriel Garcia Marquez One Hundred Years of Solitude Thompson (Evan Miller)