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There are at least three ways to get to Boston for a given weekend.

  1. The Peter Pan/Bonanza bus leaves out of the Williams Inn at 10 a.m. every morning. There are stops in Pittsfield and Springfield. Each way takes four hours and costs $44. There is no round-trip discount. You can reserve a ticket by calling up the Williams Inn, or just showing up to the front desk a few minutes before the bus leaves. It is not the most pleasant ride, however. On the way back, a student was left at the Pittsfield station late at night and told by the bus driver that the next bus may or may not show up that night. Also, prepare to be pan-handled in Springfield.
  2. Amtrak runs a line from Pittsfield to Boston that costs $27 round-trip. It tends to be up to several hours late, but is a comfortable ride for the price. However, you'll still need to figure out how to get to Pittsfield.
  3. Find someone with a car and offer to pay for gas.
  4. There is a BRTA bus stop right by the Pittsfield amtrack station. It only costs 3 dollars to get to williamstown, but it takes about 2.5 hours. You get on the bus to north adams which goes a very roundaboubt way, then catch the bus going to williamstown.