Brian Hirshman

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The bad-ass-est mo-fo in the class of '06, Brian Hirshman has:

  1. Taken seven classes at a time
  2. Attempted to drink a gallon of milk in one hour, twice
  3. Eaten a handful of red pepper
  4. Signed up to write a thesis and two mini-theses
  5. Stuck it to the man
  6. Spent Halloween night alone in Hopkins forest
  7. Threatened to declare his own Mountain Day, if Morty failed to do so
  8. Won a cheesecake in a pumpkin hunt
  9. "Explored" about half of the "vertical surfaces" on campus
  10. Worn exclusively shorts for an entire winter season in Williamstown
  11. Unabashedly opposed anchor housing
  12. Run for College Council President, along with the dearly departed Amarnath Santhanam, and let the latter throw a pie in his face upon their defeat
  13. Turned everything in Dan Burns '06's room backwards.
  14. Petitioned the state of Kentucky to transfer Prof. Morgan, an honorary Colonel in the state militia, to the navy, so he would become Captain Morgan.
  15. Walked to Lower Mission and driven off-campus to buy dinner because Driscoll was closed and Mission dining hall was too far away
  16. Carried a tub of ice cream out of the dining hall on his tray for the consumption of those dining outside.

He has also been a prominent member of the College Bowl team, Williams Trivia, and Chess Club.