Bronfman Science Center

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Bronfman is arguably the best building on campus. There are several reasons why this is true.

  1. The math department is in Bronfman.
  2. The math library is in Bronfman.
  3. The Art History 101 classes tour Bronfman as an example of great architecture during the architecture section of the class.

Departments housed in Bronfman

Notable features


Bronfman was designed by the same architects as the Greylock Quad, so it exhibits the same brick, glass and concrete design, with the same "floating stairs" effect and the thin windows in the stairwells. However, it does not have the "egg crate" ceilings that the Greylock Quad dorms and Greylock Dining Hall have.

Fun Facts

  • Bronfman is much bigger than the other science buildings in square footage, but it was designed to blend into the Science Quad and not dwarf the other buildings.