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CRAG, also known as (The Committee for the Return of Alumni Ghosts) is an alumni society that handles both all ghost-student related issues as well as the placement and maintenance of ghosts within the Williams community at large. CRAG handles the proper placement of alumni wishing to haunt various Williams residences.

Originally, when apparitions of Williams alumni started to appear around 1825 there was no system as yet in place to deal with the placement and distribution of ghosts across campus. In an effort to strength the Williams alumni network as much as possible after the defection of President Zephaniah Swift Moore and the founding of Amherst College, the succeeding president, Edward Dorr Griffin called upon his deceased former colleague and the first president of Williams College, Ebenezer Fitch to take the helm of the fledgling CRAG committee. Through Fitch's guidance, CRAG has become one of the most successful divisions of the Williams alumni society. It was under Fitch that the alumni-student tutor program was setup in 1910, a long-standing tradition with concentrations in early American history, 19th-Century American Realism, and Sexuality in the 18th Century.

The current headquarters of CRAG are located in the Garfield library. Questions, requests, and queries should be directed, in writing, to its current president, Henry Hopkins, and should be placed between volumes II and III of Boswell's Life of Johnson. Also, if more immediate concerns arise, please visit current vice-president Harry Augustus Garfield at his office at Newell House 10,11,