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Campus@wso is a moderated listserver to which almost all Williams students are subscribed. Its purpose is to advertise events. To send a message to it, just email <email></email>. You can unsubscribe as you would from any Mailman listserver.


The following guidelines, taken from [1], determine whether a message sent to campus@wso will be accepted. Please send a message to campus@wso 48 hours before you want it to be distributed. If your message is rejected, consider submitting it to the Daily Messages instead.

  1. Messages must be sent by student groups. While individuals can send messages, this will be heavily discouraged. When you submit your message, please be sure to say what club is sponsoring the event.
  2. Messages must pertain to Williams events. Examples of things that count as events include concerts, hikes, trips, movies, and public speakers. Examples of things that do not count are job offers, surveys, class offerings, auditions, parties, regular club meetings or events, regular scheduled sports games, election/nomination solicitation or other general solicitations, with CC's exception as noted below.
  3. CC may send nomination and vote solicitation emails, subject to the rules that other clubs must abide by, including frequency of emails and no updates/corrections.
  4. All other types of messages will be rejected.
  5. One message per event. There will be no updates, corrections, or reminders posted whatsoever at any time for any reason. So be sure to check your spelling and the times and dates you send very carefully.
  6. One message per group per week maximum. Remember, the fewer you send, the more people will pay attention when they see a message from your group. If you have more than one event to advertise, send out a schedule.
  7. Messages to williams-students count against our rate limits. The point of our rate limits is to keep all-campus email traffic at a reasonable level. If a message is sent via, WSO will consider the message to have been sent through campus when considering whether to accept future messages.
  8. The moderator sends messages whenever the moderator has time. Hence it is strongly recommended that you submit your message 48 hours before your event, to ensure that it is sent out in time and that you are able to appeal if your message is rejected.
  9. Offensive or inappropriate messages will not be sent. The moderator may also request that you redo your message to obey basic netiquette regarding list postings (i.e. relevant subject lines, no SHOUTING, etc.) See section below for appeals procedure.
  10. Messages larger than 5kB will not be accepted. Messages must be in plain text, no attachments, no HTML, no pictures.
  11. APPEALS/GRIEVANCES: If you feel the moderator has not treated you fairly, then reply your message to along with a statement of why you feel your message should be sent. Your message will then be voted on. If the decision is overturned, the moderator will send your message. The committee is the final arbiter of all-campus e-mail messages. All decisions made by the committee are binding, and cannot be appealed.


The campus@wso moderators have included:


The campus-appeals committee consists of three WSO members who consider appeals made by people whose messages to campus@wso have been rejected.