Chadbourne House

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<googlemap lat="42.711997" lon="-73.207596" type="satellite" zoom="18" width="450"> 42.711752, -73.208036, Chadbourne House

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42.711756, -73.20751, Shortcut through trees 42.711733, -73.207328 </googlemap>

Chadbourne is a white, two-story co-op located on Stetson Court between the Jewish Religious Center and Harper House, and across from Bascom House. Its contains ten singles and one double room and features one of the best kitchens on campus adjoining a comfortably furnished common living room.


The ground floor of Chadbourne is organized around a central hallway stretches straight back from the house's front door, branching right to a group of two large singles and a double, opening left into the common area and kitchen, and plunging straight back down a short staircase to a group of four more singles, the laundry room, bathroom, and back door. A staircase to the house's second floor begins off the left of this central hall.