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Class of 1960 Scholars

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Various departments offer a program of this name, although the content and application requirements vary widely among them:



The English Department's Class of 1960s Scholars is a non-credit, extra-curricular seminar for highly qualified and interested senior majors. The activities are funded by a gift from the class of 1960, hence the name.

Students in the seminar meet about four times each term with members of the department, or with visiting scholars and writers, to discuss important trends in literary studies, to assess the assumptions underlying literary study as a discipline, or to consider the work of a particular writer or scholar. In advance of seminar meetings, members usually read an article or two. All members of the Class of 1960s Scholars are expected to participate in all seminar meetings during their senior year.

Students apply by expressing their interest at the end of their junior year. The English Department sends a letter of explanation combined with application information to all English majors in the spring of their junior year.



The Class of 1960's Scholars Program is a program funded by an endowment from the Class of 1960, to encourage students to consider academic careers. In Psychology, the 1960's Scholars Program works by exposing students through a colloquium series to leading researchers in a variety of areas of psychology. Several speakers are brought to campus each year for a colloquium series that is open to everyone. The juniors and seniors participating in the 1960's Scholars program read several of the speaker's papers beforehand, meet with a faculty member as a group prior to the talk to discuss the speaker's work, attend the colloquium, and join the speaker for an informal reception and dinner following the presentation. Students who are definitely interested in advanced study and or even considering careers in the field are invited to self-nominate for this program in the fall, and are then screened by the faculty.

Environmental Studies

The Center for Environmental Studies is accepting applications from students wishing to participate in the Class of 1960 Scholars Program. Nominations of students by faculty members will also be accepted.

During this academic year four distinguished scholars from a range of fields within environmental studies will be guest speakers. Each will deliver a talk open to the public. The select group of students chosen as Class of 1960 scholars will then participate in a small group discussion with each visiting scholar and will be invited to have dinner with at least one speaker during the academic year.

Selection as a Class of 1960 Scholar is both an honor and a responsibility. Scholars will be expected to attend all of the presentations and small group discussions with the visitors. In addition, scholars should plan to prepare for these meetings by completing background reading assigned by the speaker.

Participation in the program is not limited by class or by major. Students need not be environmental studies concentrators to apply. However, the program is limited and if there is an overwhelming show of interest, seniors and juniors will be given priority.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

With funds generously provided by the Class of 1960, the BIMO Program has been able to invite prominent researchers from other institutions to campus to present a public seminar and then to meet privately in a discussion and dinner setting with a select group of students (chosen for the calendar year to be the BIMO Class of 1960 Scholars).