Co-op Pick 2006

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Now that the co-op draw has ended this page can serve as a way to figure out where everyone is living: off and on campus.


Nils Craig-Muller, Samuel Gates Peckham, Jose Valenzuela , Emily Button, Laura Lee, Jen Menzies, Allegra Funsten, Devin Yagel, Angela Doyle



Ananda V. Burra Daniel Aiello Devin Schweppe Carolyn Skudder

Susie Hopkins

The Rectory


Meghan MacNaughton, Rachel Jordan, Liz Spragins, Helen Selonick


Poker Flats

Poker A

Poker B

  1. Larry Dworkin

Poker C

  1. Doug Hammond (of "this guy's leaving" fame)
  2. Tyler Auer
  3. Perry Fridley
  4. Ben Echols
  5. Zach Grossman
  6. Norman Nicolson

Poker D

  1. Thomas Kindred
  2. Connor Quinn
  3. Giorgio Mosoni
  4. Owen Simpson
  5. Ryan Gerrity
  6. Curly Haired Ross Kravitz

Poker E

  1. Rohan Mehra
  2. Martha Rogers
  3. Cailin Collins
  4. Laura McCarthy

Poker F

  1. Abby Southard
  2. Ashley Sewell
  3. Sara Echenique
  4. Sarah Chuzi
  5. Krista Nylen
  6. Ariel Ramchandani