Co-op Room Draw

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Useful info about the co-ops

Co-op facts from Campus Life

There are 8 co-ops, with a total of 109 spaces in them. Specific numbers can be found here

Please say where you're interested in going

And please list names so people can figure out whom they might want to live with.

Everyone: Draw #'s are in, last year everyone threw up their rank, # of people in their pick group, and eventually their intentions on where to pick in. Contribute if you'd like, just edit the page and I think it should work out. Great!

1) Captain Planet

2) Anne Royston, Ariel Heyman, Dav Wright, Andrew Douglas, Henry Burton. Probably picking into Milham or Lambert.

3) 3 people

4) Jenna Barbary, Michelle Kurkul, Liz Upton, Katie Peterson, Talia Anders

5) Ben Sykes, Dan golub, Sunny haft, Paul Reyns, Jared oubre, Nicholas Nottebohm

6) Kristina Brumme, Jenn Sit, Carrie Plitt, Anna Merritt, Rachael Konecky, Catie Warner

7) Marina Harnik, Jess Rosten, Whitney Livermore, Nicolette Savageau, Shmegs Gleeson, Dominique de la Torre

8) Crew Guys, 12: Ideally would like Chadbourne or Woodbridge

9) Morgan West + more, 8 guys

10) 1 person

11)Nic Miragliuolo, Matt stephan, eugene berson, haz

12)Kimberly Davis, Christine Andre, Jenny Campbell, Ashley Burrell, Danielle Callaway, Rachel Fevrier

13) Swim team guys, 9

14) 9 Willy B +3 others

15) East 2, 7

16) 7 (Scrabble Club), looking like Poker


18) Katie Stack, Allison Seyferth, Sarah Fink, Caroline Goodbody, Yaya Lole


20) Katie Craig, Laura Specker, Whitney Leonard, Kendell Newman, Julia Sendor, Liz Gleeson, Zoe Fonseca, Ellen Nicholson

21) The coolest people you will ever meet. All 11 of us.

22) Tranny Surprise Janes, Old Man Tales Ramirez, We Live Together Ted, A Bear, Robert M. Walker, Luce

23) 7 people


25) Rose Thaisrivongs, Emily Brown, Shelby Kimmel


27)3 girls


29) Jeanie, Shannon, Bevin

30) Hess, Kohn, Schmidt, Tamm, Ballon-Landa, Marcuccio (6)



33) 4 unhappy guys

34) 12 ppl









43) One person, looking for an off campus opening

44) Powers, Goodman, Sanders, Diaz, Iacobucci, Lemons. Let's hope the regular room draw is a little kinder.

45) Seven WEPO's plus two others--keeping one step ahead of our good friends in group 46. Unlucky, yet cooler than group 21.

46) 6 people

47)7 lucky girls



50) Caralyn Quan, Eric Bautista, Matt Gustafson, Hillary Batchelder. Bottom of the pile, three years running.


52)5 girls

53) Boys. Lots of 'em.



56)Well at least we are not last.

57) 6 People. All with the audacity of hope for better luck in the regular draw. *sigh*