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Coffee is a part of life for many Williams students. Fortunately, there are many places to go for a cup of joe.


Small: $1.00, Large: $1.25

Located in Schow Atrium. Dean's Beans coffee, usually well roasted, but very weakly brewed. The best choice around for reasonably priced organic coffee, but it unfortunately closes too early in the day to be of much use to many students.

Tunnel City Coffee

20 oz: $1.90

Acidic but refreshingly bold. You don't need to drink endless cups to get your fix, just a small cup is satisfying.

If you have a coffee maker, save money by brewing your own black stuff from their excellent beans. While not all blends are organic or fair-trade, the beans are roasted locally at Tunnel City's location in North Adams.

Dining Halls

All you can drink, in any of the dining halls.

Dean's Beans coffee, sometimes a bit diluted (especially in Dodd.) Plus the cups are tiny, bring your own mug.

Goodrich Coffee Bar

Small = $1.25, Large = $1.50

GCB carries Dean's Beans coffee. They have nutmeg you can put in your coffee! Be warned, however, that the quality of the actual coffee has been poor to horrendous as of late. While the coffee isn't great, the lattes are fantastic (and probably have more caffeine)!

If there is "extreme caffeine" go for it, it's amazing.

And one of their new Goodrich Combo Meals lets you get two nantucket nectars and a bagel with cream cheese for $4.25 of breakfast equivalency.

Dunkin' Donuts

Coffee that is absolutely delicious, reasonably priced and conveniently available at all hours of the day, or horrible-tasting, not worth the money, and too far away - depending on whom you ask. The Williamstown location, open from 5am to 10 pm, is near Colonial Plaza, which is either a bit of a walk or a short drive. The North Adams location, at the intersection of Rt. 2 and Eagle St., is open 24/7. Note that Dunkin' Donuts only takes cash, no credit or debit.


Located in North Adams near MassMoCA (coincidence?). Excellent toasted muffins.

South Street Cafe

A bit of a drive, but who doesn't need their Vermont fix every once in a while? Located off of Rte. 7 in Bennington. The coffee is actually Tunnel City, but the ceiling is gorgeous, the atmosphere comfortable, and the crowd composed of strangers.

Lambert House

Like any self-respecting Seattleite, Alan Cordova has a stash of gourmet coffee and will brew a cup for you if you ask nicely.

Harper House

54 Stetson Court, totally free, and you get to use the amazing and magical machine. Coffee by Green Mountain. It helps, but is not necessary, that you be a philosophy student.

Physics Common Room

Powdered instant coffee mix for an honor system 10 cents. For emergency use only.

Chemistry 155 with Professor Park

Powdered instant coffee mix for FREE (and hot chocolate!). You'll need it. Class is MWF 8:00 - 8:50am.