College Bowl

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College Bowl is the varsity sport for people who have too many factoids lodged in their brains. It's sort of like Jeopardy, except with teams and more random exclamations of excitement, woe, or unfathomable lust for the character of Elmer Gantry.

Check out the team's webpage for more information.

Tournament Results since 2002-2003

TRASH Regionals, 2002- A (Jenny McElroy '03, Jenni Simmons '05, Dave Letzler '06): 4-9

Puppy Chow, 2002- A (Evan Bick '06, Dave Letzler '06, Daniel Klein '06, Laurie Brink): 10-2, 3rd B (Isaac Foster '05, Ian Barbash '06, Jacob King '06): 4-8

Penn Bowl, 2003- A (David Rosenblum '03, McElroy, Letzler, Bick, Brian Hirshman '06): 7-7

NAQT Regionals 2003- A (Rosenblum, McElroy, Jon Hendrickson '04, Simmons): 4-8, DI B (Klein, Bick, Letzler): 7-5, DII

CBI Regionals, 2003- A (Rosenblum, McElroy, Hendrickson, Simmons): 12-3, 2nd

NAQT Nationals, 2003- A (Rosenblum, Klein, Letzler): 5-10, DI, 26th

Puppy Chow, 2003- A (Letzler, Bick, Brian Munroe '07, Hirshman): 9-2 (?), 5th

Penn Bowl, 2004- A (Klein, Letzler, Hirshman): 10-4, 10th

NAQT Regionals, 2004- A (Klein, Letzler, Elliot Heilman '07, Munroe): 2-10

CBI Regionals, 2004- A (Bick, Letzler, Klein, Hendrickson, Hirshman): 11-3, 3rd

Junior Bird, 2004- A (Letzler, Munroe): 7-3, 4th (in bracket) B (Klein, Hirshman): 6-4, 6th in bracket C (David Mathias '08, Katie Stack '08): 8-2, 2nd in bracket

COTKU, 2004- A (Letzler, Christopher Paci '08, Hirshman, Jason Kohn '08): 10-2, 2nd

TRASH Regionals, 2004- A (Letzler, Brandi Brown '06, Paul Hess '08, Stack): 6-8

Bulldogs Over Broadway, 2004- A (Mathias, Letzler, Munroe, Hirshman): 6-6 B (Zachary Thomas '08, Klein, Paci, Max Gutman '08) 4-8

Penn Bowl, 2005- A (Mathias, Letzler, Klein, Hirshman): 6-5, 5th B (Thomas, Paci, Munroe, Gutman, Hess): 4-8 (?)

NAQT Regionals, 2005- A (Mathias, Klein, Letzler, Hirshman): 6-6, 4th, DI B (Thomas, Paci, Munroe): 9-3, 3rd, DII C (Gutman, Hess, Andrew Goldston '09, Stack): 4-7

CBI Regionals, 2005- A (Mathias, Letzler, Klein, Munroe, Hirshman) 12-0, 1st

NAQT Nationals, 2005- A (Mathias, Letzler, Klein, Hirshman): 6-7, 19th, DI B (Thomas, Munroe, Paci): 8-5, 5th, DII

CBI Nationals, 2005- A (Mathias, Letzler, Klein, Munroe): 8-7, 7th

Heinrich Boll, 2005- A (Letzler, Paci, Bick): 7-5, 4th B (Mathias, Thomas): 6-6, 6th

WIT, 2005- A (Mathias, Thomas, Letzler): 10-0, 1st B (Paci, Hirshman, Jared Lunkenheimer '09): 4-6, 5th

Lemur Bowl, 2005- A (Brown, Brian Hwang '09, Gutman, Hess): 4-4

ACF Fall, 2005- A (Thomas, Letzler, Paci, Hirshman): 8-3, 2nd

MLK Mirror, 2006- A (Thomas, Letzler, Hirshman, Allison Smith '07): 9-0, 1st B (Mathias, Klein, Goldston, Hwang): 6-3, 2nd

ACF Regionals, 2006- A (Thomas, Letzler, Mathias, Klein): 7-4, 3rd B (Paci, Hirshman): 2-9

Williams Trivia

If you're reading this, you might also be interested in a little thing called Williams Trivia, which, while being nothing at all like College Bowl, also involves teams and dislogding long-forgotten factoids from one's brain...just with more caffeine, music, and semi-naked people.