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==Fall 2012 Election Winners:==
==Fall 2012 Election Winners:==
[https://www.bigpulse.com/pollresults?code=2658CUI8r9FzqzH6yJhQvXIL Election Results]
[https://www.bigpulse.com/pollresults?code=2658CUI8r9FzqzH6yJhQvXIL Election Results]

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This page will have all the College Council election results. Click the links for full results from each election:

Fall 2012 Election Winners:

Election Results

Fall 2008 Election Winners:

Fall 2008 Election -- Full Results

Runoff Election Results

Neighborhood Representatives:

Currier at-large Representative

Ifiok Inyang

Dodd at-large Representative

Andrew Goldston

Spencer at-large Representative

Keith Butts

Wood at-large Representative

Jenny Danzi

First-Year Representatives:

Armstrong House Representive

Tim Goggins

Dennett House Representative

Zach Evans

Mills House Representative

Sam Jonynas

Pratt House Representative

Austin Davis

Sage Hall Representative

Newton Davis

Williams Hall Representative

Elizabeth Jimenez

Honor and Disciplinary Committee:


Andres Lopez and Wes Johnson


Charlie Crawford and Mia DeSimone


Cecelia Davis-Hayes and Will Slack


Matiullah Amin and William Su


Jia Cui

What to do with $35,000?

1914 Library and ACE concerts

Should the $35,000 be Split Amongst More than One Idea?

Split amongst two ideas

Spring 2008 Election Winners:

Spring 2008 Election -- Full Results

All Campus Positions:

Co-Presidents: Peter Nurnberg and Jeremy Goldstien

Secretary: Emily Deans

Treasurer: Rachel Levy

All-campus with focus on Minority Conerns: Curtis Flournoy

Class of 2011:

Class rep: Emanuel Yekutiel

Class of 2010:

Class rep: Thomas Rubinsky and Narae Park (joint ticket)

Honorary Degrees Committee: Scott Olsen and Ben Davidson

Class of 2009:

Class rep: Sarah Moore

Williams Hall:

House rep: KK Durante


House Rep: Brian Shepherd

Sage Hall:

House Rep: Gordon Atkins


House Rep: Joseph Kiernan


House Rep: Tasha Chu


House Rep: Lane Wang

Wood Neighborhood:

Neighborhood Rep: Rachel Ko

Spencer Neighborhood:

Neighborhood Rep: Kieth Butts

Dodd Neighborhood:

Neighborhood Rep: Petya Miteva

Currier Neighborhood:

Neighborhood Rep: Janay Clyde