College Council Spring 2008 Election Results

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College Council election results. Conducted on using Instant Run-off voting.

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Co-Presidents: Peter Nurnberg and Jeremy Goldstien

Secretary: Emily Deans

Treasurer: Rachel Levy

All-campus with focus on Minority Conerns: Curtis Flournoy

Class rep: Emanuel Yekutiel

Class rep: Thomas Rubinsky and Narae Park (joint ticket)

Honorary Degrees Committee: Scott Olsen and Ben Davidson

Class rep: Sarah Moore

House rep: KK Durante

House Rep: Brian Shepherd

House Rep: Gordon Atkins

House Rep: Joseph Kiernan

House Rep: Tasha Chu

House Rep: Lane Wang

Neighborhood Rep: Rachel Ko

Neighborhood Rep: Kieth Butts

Neighborhood Rep: Petya Miteva

Neighborhood Rep: Janay Clyde