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* [[Paul Ansel Chadbourne]]
* [[Paul Ansel Chadbourne]]
* [[Mark Hopkins]]
* [[Laszlo Versenyi]]
* [[Laszlo Versenyi]]

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The College Cemetery, just east of Mission Park, is home to notable figures in the College's history: presidents, professors, trustees, and their family. It is administered by the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Treasurer. Professors who are tenured or have emeritus status are eligible for burial there.

Notable Presences

Notable Epitaphs

  • "If you can read this, you are standing on me." (Michael Bell)
  • "Mein Trubsal war mein Gluck." ("My misery/adversity was my bliss/fortune"?)


<googlemap height="250" width="300" lat="42.715788" lon="-73.201523" zoom="16"> 42.715788,-73.201523,College Cemetery </googlemap>