Computer Science

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The Computer Science department is awesome. Located on the third floor of the Thompson Chemistry Lab (TCL is also, unofficially, an abbreviation for Thompson Computing Lab), it is a refuge from the crazy, illogical world.

The only department on campus where the professors go by first name. Although Andrea is the department chair, real power lies with Mary. I discovered this one day while working in the Unix lab, when a message popped up on my screen: "This computer is being rebooted by Mary." My miserable logged-in existence lasted about three seconds after that. It was all I could do in my power to hit C-x C-s to save my work and jump and wail in terror. Beware the power of Mary.

CS also has the coolest set of professors. And the coolest set of intro classes. Where else do you build little LEGO robots and program them to do weird things?

Non computer scientists should refrain from coming to department snacks and stealing our precious food. Except Tosin, who is always welcome anywhere.

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