Cooking with Steven

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Created by two Williams students, Cooking with Steven is a Chinese cooking program for college students. It shows how to make economical, healthy and authentic Chinese dishes that one can easily prepare in a typical dorm kitchen.

The show is currently in its second season. Visit the website for updates and the latest episodes.


Steven Cheng grew up in Singapore and developed an interest in cooking while living in America with his godmother. Later, while living on his own during the last year of high school, out of luck and necessity, Steven discovered the pleasures and practicality in cooking simple homemade food as he remembers them from his godmother's stove. "The ailing tummy must first be healed before a man can do his chores" is what Steven believes. He balances his time at Williams between academics and delving into all aspects of food around the college, with cooking the primary focus.

Yuxing "Danny" Huang is an independent filmmaker at Williams College, Massachusetts. Born in China and educated in Singapore, he has been making short films, documentaries and music videos since high school. One of his short film, Yang Fan is Born, was selected for NPAR 2008, Annecy Film Festival in France. He is one of the co-presidents of Purple Valley Films, an independent filmmaking company at Williams College. His main area of interest and experience is cinematography.


Steven Cheng: 10spc [at] williams [dot] edu

Danny Y. Huang: yh1 [at] williams [dot] edu