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[http://wso.williams.edu/facebook/view/10amt Andrew Triska '10]
[http://wso.williams.edu/facebook/view/10amt Andrew Triska '10]
[http://wso.williams.edu/facebook/view/09jac Julia Cordray '09]

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Everyone that is a member of this great program put your name down! If you haven't signed up and what to try it go to Couchsurfing.com.

Williams College Couchsurfers

Henry "Ted" Kernan '09

Chris St. Cyr '09

Danielle Zentner '09

Stacey C. Baradit '09

Glenn Yong '11

Harsh Sodhi'10

Aditi Chaturvedi'10

Andrew Triska '10

Julia Cordray '09