Currier Hall

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Currier is dormitory on the Berkshire Quad, unique both in architecture and traditional inhabitants. Three floors rise above ground and one, despite being called the basement, is below ground on the quad side but opens into air on all other sides. It is one of the core Odd Quad buildings, in that, along with Fitch, it traditionally houses upperclassmen of the Deviant and WARP culture type, and others who enjoy their company.

As all dorms of the Berkshire Quad, Currier is served primarily by the Driscoll dining hall.

Architectural Features

See WSO/plans' Currier page.

From above, Currier is shaped like a blocky "C", with its arms opening east. Windows offer views in all directions, and the Currier 3rd floor rooms with a vista towards the mountains probably have the most beautiful views on campus. The west side of the building features a view of beautiful Berkshire Quad, and three balconies accessed by large French windows on the second floor.


Bridge, Chocoholics

Fun Facts

  • With two bathrooms and about 20 residents per first through third floor, Currier features the highest bathroom/resident ratio on campus.
  • Currier Ballroom once housed the WARP stash: a collection of weapons, shields, and other armaments used for bop-swording.
  • The roof of the Currier Ballroom is the easiest to access on campus. Climb through the window of the spiral staircase room and there you are! Great for a house party, sunbathing, and making a snow sculpture in a strange place for (half) your dormmates to see.
  • There is a stone face in one of the basement corner rooms.