Dan costanza

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Daniel Sky Costanza was born in Collegeville, Pennsylvania in 1988. He was a JA and he plays crew. What a rad dude.

He also owns peacocks.

Dan worked at a go kart track and petting zoo one time.

He knows a lot about petting zoo and go kart track stuff.

His knowledge of petting zoos and go kart track stuff is rivaled only by his knowledge of EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD. Dan is very smart.

Dan defines a sport as: 1. Competitive 2. Skill-based 3. Stands alone as a workout
Dan doesn't think baseball is a sport because baseball players just stand there most of the time. On a related note, Dan is writing a thesis about baseball. Again, Dan is very smart.

Dan thinks he is good at Call of Duty but he really is not good at Call of Duty. He doesn't know anything about war and military strategy.

If Call of Duty was a game about petting zoos and go kart track stuff, Dan would certainly pwn noobs all the time.