Daniel Klein

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See Your Mom.

"I've been seeing your mom. In bed." (quotation attributed to Daniel Klein '06)

Quotes attributed to Klein from College Bowl:

[regarding a real analysis bonus] "Yes! Yes! Give it to me!"

[upon being called a "pretentious fuck" by Evan Bick '06 ] "I'll pretentiously fuck your mother!"

[referring to the mother of Andrew Goldston '08 and his familial ability to quote Martin Buber] "I quoted your mom's Bubers to my face last night!"

The Less Quotable Klein

Daniel is a scholar-athlete. He enjoys listening to opera, mainstream-ish indie rock, and the works of Stephen Sondheim '50. He is majoring in Mathematics and Biology. Never would he wish anyone else's mother misfortune or discomfort.

He is currently collaborating with composer Joe McDonough '06 and producer Colin Yee '06 on Lepanto: the Musical. Work will pick up once he is no longer taking six course equivalent units.