David Kane

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David Kane.

David Kane is the creator of and most prolific post-writer on EphBlog. He is married to Kay (Fang) Kane '89 and he currently lives with her and their two daughters, Cassandra and Michaela, near Boston. Sometimes he comes back to Williams and talks about joining the military. At Williams, he majored in Economics and Philosophy, and then he went to Harvard for graduate school.

David runs a hedge fund called Kane Capital Management. He hires summer interns ("associates") for the firm and is known to perhaps prefer Williams students, even freshman, who often have a hard time getting a serious or well-paying job in the finance world their first summer. The associateship pays well, but typically requires students to take advanced statistics courses, to learn about software, and to submit assignments and projects for his review, all before the internship period. There thus may be numerous hurdles to hiring as well a significant investment of your own time before the summer begins.

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