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''This article discusses dining options on the Williams campus.  For information about off-campus fare, see the [[Guide to Off-Campus Dining]].''
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'''Dining''' at Williams happens at one of four dining halls: [[Driscoll]], [[Dodd]], [[Mission]], and [[Greylock]].  Breakfast is also available at the [[Eco-Cafe]] and the [[Goodrich Coffee Bar]], which is also open for coffee at other times during the day.  For more info, check out the home page of [http://www.williams.edu/admin/dining/ Dining Services].
Ever wonder about those [[tray carvings]]?
Know when to eat by checking out the [http://www.williams.edu/go/dining/hours.php Dining Hall hours].
The [[Halaal-Kosher Korner]] offers suitable food to Muslim and Jewish students at regular meal costs.
For meal plans, see [http://www.williams.edu/admin/dining/board.php Board Options].

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