Do it in the dark

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do it in the dark

Do it in the dark is the name for the Williams energy saving competition. It was first held in the fall of 2005 and was repeated in the spring of 2006. It is a month long contest to measure which house can reduce its energy usage the most by turning off lights, computers and other electric devices.

Past Winners

In the fall first prize went to Morgan, led by the notorious Morgan ME entry. The upperclass competition was won by Lambert House.


The competition is a joint effort between Greensense, CEAC and Facilities, and of course every student living on campus. It is partly inspired by the student body's environmental principles and partly by the college's response to rising energy costs.


The fall 2005 prize consisted of a free night for the house at Images with snacks. The spring 2006 prize will be an amazing stressbusters, in the house and right before finals week. Winners will also be eulogized in verse in all campus publifications. In future years the competition is hoped to figure into the House Cup and other neighborhood activities.