Dodd Annex

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Dodd Annex used to be student housing, until the Anchor Housing system necessitated a reorganization of much of the use of dorm space. Now it is office space for the Economics department.

The era as student housing

Dodd Annex was not especially desirable housing. Even Campus Life couldn't find anything very good to say about it:

It's an annex...what else can be said? Small, quaint, and charming, it is dwarfed by Dodd Main, which is just to the south. Twelve students live in Dodd Annex, so it's easy to get to know your neighbors. There are few amenities, but Dodd is a stones throw away, and the idea is to get over there for laundry and cooking, pool, etc. The Annex does have a nice sunny front porch for lazy Fall mornings to catch a little sun.

Dayna Baskette '03 commented:

If you have 10 of your best friends that you want to live in isolated quarters [with] then I recommend the Annex. You may notice that I said 10 instead of 11, because room 1 is basically a converted closet. Although the house has a cute common room and a nice homely feel to it, you don't have all the desired amenities such as a kitchen or laundryroom. If you can get over that then go for it. Just think no one ever busts an Annex party, we're too out of the way!"

Apparently, there was some confusion on whether there were 11 or 12 rooms. Perhaps another closet was converted to student housing, and is now an office for junior faculty. Or maybe one of the very small rooms was a double. Hard to say, now that the floorplans are gone.