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The Elizabethans is nominally a madrigal group, but in truth they don't sing too many madrigals. They're really a group that sings an almost completely non-pop repertoire, focusing on anything that they find beautiful, intriguing, or humorous from the wide world of music outside of a beatbox.

Now twelve years old, the 'bethans (as they call themselves) are the unofficial official a capella group of the Odd Quad. They perform several times a year and tour New England every spring break. They are known for their quirkiness, their frequently challenging repertoire, their renaissance performing garb, and their unfathomable obsession with sheep. CD titles include "The Food of Love," "Live From Albert Square," "Madrigal Inferno," and their latest, "Set Me as a Seal."

Check out The Elizabethans' web site for pictures, concert dates, and other information.

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