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All-female a cappella group dedicated to producing the finest music possible while at the same time enjoying extreme amounts of fun. Musically undiscriminating (maybe even promiscuous.) Britney? Usher? Axl? We'll hit that. and we'll beatbox while we're doing it.

Talents possessed by past and present members of Ephoria include, but are by no means limited to: the Chipmunk Face, creative ankle stretches, living in interesting places (like Hawaii and Connecticut), african dance, really good hair, looking vaguely like a Disney cartoon animal, vodka walks, simultaneous singing and hiking, blackboard animal drawing, flip cup, losing at flip cup, and vacuuming.

Current Ephoria members:


Nicole Ballon-Lando Aspen Jordan Sarah Dewey


Emily Schwab Holly Crane Lucy Rollins Kelsey Conklin Michelle Rodriguez


Nancy Worley Holly Fisher Sandy Shedd Andrea Lindsay


Su-Young Kim

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