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Focus the Nation Support

Pledge in support of Focus the Nation and Professors who have signed it.


Focus the Nation will be a one day event of grassroots action to encourage politicians to fight global warming. It will be held at colleges across the country in early 2008. As citizens we have a moral duty to consider this issue because it concerns the future well being of our families and our country. As educators, college professors have an extra responsibility and a special voice to address this issue.

Our views are clear:

  1. We agree that global warming is happening and that human beings are causing it.
  2. We believe that there are possible solutions to mediate its effects.
  3. We believe the best solutions require national political willpower.
  4. We can affect national politics by dedicated, concentrated and intelligent local action.

In light of this issue, I,____________________, hereby pledge to dedicate one day of my class time at the beginning of the spring 2008 semester to a discussion of climate change. I will be able to decide how this will happen, either through a class discussion on how my field relates to global warming, or by taking my class to one of the day's educational events on the issue.

By showing my support for Focus the Nation, I am also helping to convince my fellow staff members and administrators of the college of the importance of this issue.


  1. Joan Edwards
  2. George Truran
  3. Claire Ting
  4. Heather Williams
  5. David P. Richardson
  6. Sarah Goh
  7. E.J. Johnson
  8. Lois Bonta
  9. Jason Wilder
  10. Henry W. Art
  11. Cecilia Chang
  12. Sam Crane
  13. Dan Lynch
  14. Mark Johnson
  15. Dwight Whitaker
  16. Glyn Norton
  17. Arun Swamy
  18. Jennifer French
  19. Tara Sanchez
  20. Antonia Foias
  21. Christopher Nugent
  22. Li Yu
  23. Shanti Singham
  24. Wendy Raymond