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Take or teach any classes you want during Winter Study.

Courses available for Winter Study 2008 include:

  1. Knitting

Past courses have included "How to Make Money on eBay", "The Art of Eskimo Warfare", and "The Fine Art of Seduction by Cooking: Kitchen Skills for the Dating Game."

  1. The Philosophy and Sociology of Streaking
  2. An Introduction to HTML
  3. The Films of Stanley Kubrick
    • taught by Dave Letzler
    • five-six screenings from Kubrick's oeuvre
  4. Gregorian Chant
    • taught by Joe McDonough and Prof. Paul (PoliSci)
    • An introduction to the theory and practice of chant/plainsong.
  5. Is Latin Dead?
    • taught by Joe McDonough
    • a brief introduction to the Latin language and how it works, for curious beginners
  6. Wanna be a DJ?
    • taught by Samantha Peterson '08 and the WCFM DJs
    • become a certified DJ over Winter Study, broadcast your own weekly show on WCFM throughout Spring Semester (and beyond)
    • compete with your new DJ friends for a glorious prize and eternal admiration
  7. Toot Your Own Horn
    • Taught by Alan Cordova
    • A brief introduction to the trumpet and how it works, for curious beginners.
    • Compete with your new trumpet friends for glorious prize and eternal admiration