Free University

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Take or teach any classes you want during Winter Study. Past courses have included "How to Make Money on eBay", "The Art of Eskimo Warfare", and "The Fine Art of Seduction by Cooking: Kitchen Skills for the Dating Game."

  1. The Philosophy and Sociology of Streaking
  2. An Introduction to HTML
  3. The Films of Stanley Kubrick
  4. Gregorian Chant
    • taught by Joe McDonough '06 and Prof. Paul (PoliSci)
    • An introduction to the theory and practice of chant/plainsong.
  5. Is Latin Dead?
    • taught by Joe McDonough '06
    • a brief introduction to the Latin language and how it works, for curious beginners
  6. Wanna be a DJ?
    • taught by Samantha Peterson '08 and the WCFM DJs
    • become a certified DJ over Winter Study, broadcast your own weekly show on WCFM throughout Spring Semester (and beyond)
    • compete with your new DJ friends for a glorious prize and eternal admiration
  7. Toot Your Own Horn
    • Taught by Alan Cordova'06
    • A brief introduction to the trumpet and how it works, for curious beginners.
    • Compete with your new trumpet friends for glorious prize and eternal admiration