Free stuff

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Here's a list of stuff that your parents or someone else already paid for.

  • Staples: Sawyer Circulation Desk, Schow
  • Staplers: OCC, underneath Stetson; anyone visiting gets a free stapler
  • Pencils: OCC
  • Candy: Dean's Office, OCC
  • The New York Times: Mission, Goodrich
  • The Wall Street Journal: Hopkins, the mail trailer
  • Paper towels and liquid soap: a bathroom near you (new this year!)
  • Printing: Computer labs in Schow, Sawyer, Jesup, Bronfman, Clark, '62 CTD, Stetson, Goodrich, and numerous other places.
  • Color printing: Jesup
  • Condoms: the health center - all hours, formerly in Baxter basement - does anyone know where Peer Health is now?
  • Victoria's Secret (and other) catalogs: Mail trailer next to Lehman
  • Scanning, DVD burning, poster printing, video copying and editing, and any other multimedia needs: Jesup Media Studio. We provide the equipment and technical assistance; you have to do the work and provide media (like DVDs, tapes, and photo paper) yourself.
  • Squash rackets and basketballs (and probably other equipment) can be borrowed from the Equipment Room in Lasell/Chandler.
  • Movies (VHS and DVD) and music CDs can be borrowed for free from Sawyer basement. Just remember to return them on time.


  • Physics common room: After lectures but before students show up to work on problem sets.
  • Wednesday 6:30 PM, JRC: Dinner discussion (or movie)
  • Friday, 7 PM, JRC: Shabbat dinner