Free stuff

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Here's a list of stuff that your parents or someone else already paid for (alphabetized).

  • Candy: Dean's Office, OCC
  • Color printing: Jesup
  • Condoms: the health center - all hours, formerly in Baxter basement - does anyone know where Peer Health is now?
  • Dry erase boards: The Society of Alumni gives them out at the fall Purple Key Fair and at various other large events.
  • Light Bulbs - BnG
  • Media equipment (Cameras, external hard drives, camcorders and more) for rental: Stetson Media Lab - bottom floor opposite the computer lab.
  • Movies (VHS and DVD) and music CDs can be borrowed for free from Sawyer basement. Just remember to return them on time.
  • The New York Times: Mission, Goodrich
  • Old course packets: Easy to find at the end of the semester near recycling bins - you can often score the readings for that class you wanted to take but didn't have time. If you look hard enough around Stetson (below the level b/level d stairwell is a good bet), you can often find a few random packets.
  • Paper towels and liquid soap: a bathroom near you (new this year!)
  • Pencils: OCC
  • Printing: Computer labs in Schow, Sawyer, Jesup, Bronfman, Clark, '62 CTD, Stetson, Goodrich, and numerous other places.
  • Scanning, DVD burning, poster printing, video copying and editing, and any other multimedia needs: Jesup Media Studio. We provide the equipment and technical assistance; you have to do the work and provide media (like DVDs, tapes, and photo paper) yourself.
  • Squash rackets and basketballs (and probably other equipment) can be borrowed from the Equipment Room in Lasell/Chandler.
  • Staplers: OCC (underneath Stetson); anyone visiting gets a free stapler
  • Staples: Sawyer Circulation Desk, Schow
  • Victoria's Secret (and other) catalogs: Mail trailer next to Lehman
  • The Wall Street Journal: Hopkins, the mail trailer
  • Wiki: Email Comb Hua.
  • Textbooks/other books! Every beginning of semester, especially the fall, check out the free books table in the 1914 Library. Even students not on financial aid can get free books this way. What's that? Your prof says you need the latest edition of this particular translation of Plato, even though it's gone through millenia of perfectly competent translations? Baloney. Hit the 1914.


  • Physics common room: After colloquia but before students show up to work on problem sets. Tuesday and Friday at 3:30.
  • Wednesday 6:30 PM, JRC: Dinner discussion (or movie)
  • Friday, 7 PM, JRC: Shabbat dinner
  • Cookies, soda, and juice following Math colloquia in Bronfman 106