Graduate Students

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Graduate Students at Williams

There are two masters programs at Williams: The Graduate Program in the History of Art and the Center for Development Economics.

Art History

The Art History program is two years in length, and run by a coalition of Mar(c)ks. First years live in Fort Hoosac (red brick building on South St. near the Clark), while second years have to fend for themselves for housing. The art history grad students spend most of their time in the carrels of the Clark Art Institute Library, but are easily lured out by free food (particularly at the Clark Fellows' lectures and exhibition openings). Second years, in particular, are prone to disappearing during winter study, at which time they write their qualifying paper. After its defense, the qualifying paper is then cut down to a 20 minute presentation and perfected through a trio of firing-squad like practices known as "dry-runs." This paper is presented graduation weekend at the graduate student symposium

Although grad student/undergrad intereaction usually only takes place between art history majors and grad students, grad students also work as the TAs for Art History 101 and 102. They are friendly and mostly harmless.

Center for Development Economics

Someone else should fill this in. Sometimes the CDE students live in the Fort with Art History students.