Green Up

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The nickname for the top half of the third floor of Prospect House. The name arises from the new design scheme of a different color for each floor; the third floor has green tiles in the stairwells (those that are completed) and green east/west walls in the common rooms and hallways.


Green Up is populated by very interesting people, including Colin Yee '06, without whom the average SAT score would be significantly higher and the atmosphere notably less cynical. Daniel Klein '06 has also been observed on the premises in between visits to Your Mom. When in the vicinity, he can often be heard singing along to his own music, as can Joe McDonough '06 who also specializes in singing overtones in the shower and whistling. Jono Dowse '06 keeps up appearances of being a resident but spends the majority of his time running.

Lady residents of Green Up include, but are not limited to, Lucy Cox-Chapman '06, Leah Weintraub '06, Katie Lewkowicz '06, Carolyn Reuman '06, Christine Hunt '06 and Miss 301 '06.

Leah Weintraub '06 posesses a superior mathematical intellect but no spelling ability, making her perfectly suited to Su Doku but a failure at crossword puzzles. Katie Lewkowicz '06 serenades us on her guitar and has more energy for life than the rest of us all combined which is probably why she is the star of her own group. Lucy Cox-Chapman '06 can polisci better than you can polisci, and dazzles us with her singing abilities at every Accidentals show! Christine Hunt '06 is fabulous. She recently discovered that she can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue and has been known to fool people into thinking she is awake when she is actually very much asleep, which makes for some funny stories. Carolyn Reuman '06 has gotten over her freshman year habit of going to bed at 10:00 PM. She is oodles of fun and likes the color turquoise. Also, the letters in her name can be rearranged to spell "an unmannerly orca."


Green Up did not exist before 2005 and, as such, has no history. Of course, having no history is having a history of no history, so it might be more prudent to state that Green Up's History is short and sweet.