Greylock Quad

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The Greylock quad is the home of Bryant, Mark Hopkins, Carter, and Gladden. It is mostly split between sophomores and juniors because almost all of the rooms are singles. Each building looks very similar, L-shaped buildings with red-brick facades. They all have 4 or 5 floors, large kitchens and common rooms on the main floor, and washers in the basement. These buildings are popular for their many common rooms, with two on each floor so only 9 people share a large room. Be warned they can be loud buildings, the pipes carry sounds well between floors and the common rooms don't have doors to muffle the sounds of parties.

For good ways to remember which building is which, see Mnemonics for Buildings.

The Greylock Quad was served by the Greylock Dining Hall until it was transformed into a normal classroom building. Now it hosts dance/yoga/RAD classes each semester, as well as the occasional academic class. In the winter the Outdoor Emergency Care (training for Ski Patrol) and Wilderness Leadership (WFR certification) classes are taught here.

Here is a map of the quad:

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