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Gringo's is the place to be on friday nights in North Adams, as from 9pm to 1am the restaurant transforms itself into a Karaoke bar.

Whiskey Lullaby, Picture, 26 cents... finish night with piano man around 1am

interesting dynamic as North Adams townies sing almost only country and Williams kids come in and do 90's rock

all you Rick springfield fans out there, beware. Record #5 is missing, so Jesse's Girl is tragically NOT a possible song choice.

Gringo's Regulars:

The DJ - eric? Calls his own number about every four songs or so, ostensibly because some lady in the room really wants him to sing.

The crazy DJ
MJ gets ready for Thriller
MJ's outrageous dancing skills

"MJ" - only the greatest Michael Jackson impersonator east of the Rockies. gloves, hat, leather red jacket...

Michael - a little slow, great clapper

Ellis - exclusively sings oldies from the 1940's and 1950's.

The venerable and classy Ellis

"FlyBry" - a 40-year-old man known for his extremely dirty version of "Wooly Bully".

Geno - country western all the way, the epitome of gringo's

History of Ephs going to Gringo's:

zmac, elana, jumi, emily rr summer 04?

Ken Brown - The worst rendition of "Open Road Song" ever performed in the contiguous 48 states. Blame it on the BBC...

Ashok Pillai - "Sweet Caroline" (FlyBry was AWOL), "Piano Man," "Champagne High," "Hound Dog," "Banana Boat Song," "Danger Zone," "Your Song." Bringing a semi-professional acapella voice to the Gringo's stage every Friday night, Ashok tries to make up for all the awful Williams voices the North Adams townies have to endure.

Holly Takashima - goddess on the stage, brings the house down... what has she sung?

Faith Lim - "I Got You Babe" with Jack.

I Got You Babe

I Wanna Dance with Somebody!.

Jumi Song (Zoe) - Zoe rocked out "Summer Nights" with Jack at their first ever Gringo's experience in July, 2004.

Matt Ressenger - Spice Girls

Matty sings "Wake me up before you go-go"

Zach McArthur (Jack) - Turn the Page, Old Time Rock and Roll, and Brandy (You're a Fine Girl). Probably the peak of Jack's career was winning a Smirnoff Ice t-shirt through participating in "Karaoke Roulette," a rare Gringo's game where the singer must attempt any randomly picked song by the audience. The song chosen was "Sometimes" by Britney Spears, Jack had never even heard the tune, and this combination turned out to be quite a hit with the Gringo's patrons.

Dan Berger -

Noah Capurso (Dieter) - with Zoe...

Crystal Son -

Adam Blankenheimer - purple haze?

Colin Bruzewicz - "Tainted Love"

The next MJ?

Katie Stevens and Jonathan Landsman - "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" during graduation weekend, 2005.

Chris Eaton -

Kate Ambler -