Guide to Room Draw

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Let's collect some information about the room draw that's conducted every April. If you want to say something about a particular room, please click on the dorm and make a little heading on that page with the room number. See Thompson Hall for a good example. Information about size, noise, common spaces, and quirks would be especially useful. It would be neat if you also specified what pick number you had (and in which class) if you got the room. Also feel free to add information about floors and dorms.


Here are the dorms and co-ops that upperclassmen can pick into:

The Process

Students who are not going to live in co-ops or off campus, are not studying away in the fall or being JAs, and are generally going to be in the dorms the next fall, enter into the room draw for their cluster. Students can enter in pick groups of up to six students, who turn in a common room draw form.

Within each cluster, each pick group is assigned a random number. Rising seniors have the lowest numbers, followed by rising juniors, with rising sophomores at the end of the pick. Groups with students of different classes have numbers at the beginning or end of the appropriate year groups.

Each cluster's room draw is separate. The seniors with pick #1 in each cluster pick first, then pick #2, etc. until everyone in the cluster has picked. There are about 100 picks in each cluster, ranging from Dodd around 80 and Spencer around 120 in 2007.