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[[Image:HfH_House_01-19.JPG|thumbnail|Photo of the work site as of 1/19/08.]]
[[Image:HfH2-16-08.jpg|thumbnail|Photo of the work site as of 2/16/08.]]
'''Contact:''' [http://wso.williams.edu/facebook/view/09dmp Daniel Perez] (10dmp), our current head, and
'''Contact:''' [http://wso.williams.edu/facebook/view/09dmp Daniel Perez] (10dmp), our current head, and

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Photo of the work site as of 2/16/08.

Contact: Daniel Perez (10dmp), our current head, and Claire Zentgraf (09cmz), who is abroad for the spring semester

Listserv: <email>Williams-Habitat@wso.williams.edu</email> (To join the listserv, click here)

Project: Habitat volunteers help build and rehabilitate houses to be sold at no profit to low-income families who otherwise would not be able to afford a home. The Williams College and Northern Berkshire chapters of Habitat can always use student volunteers at the work site from 9:00-12:00 every Saturday, where they are building a new house on Henderson Road in Williamstown.

Feel free to visit/join our new Facebook group to find out when the next trip will be as well as an album of photos from each trip.

Part of the Lehman Community Service Council.