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Need to get a trim, a do, or your bimonthly mowing of the jewfro? Williamstown's got you covered:

  • St. Pierre's barber shop at the top of Spring Street, adjoining Ephporium. That is, if you like the military look.
  • The Clip Shop
  • The small haircutter on Southworth Street, near the corner with Route 2. (Edit: I just called to make an appointment here, and they're closing. So, if you usually get your hair cut at Village Coiffs, better start looking elsewhere...)
  • The barber at Abbey Cutters in Pittsfield will almost certainly keep you entertained. $18/cut. Great quality cuts for men's hair.
  • Members of the Men's Rugby Football Club are always more than willing to give you a quick trim. Ask our rookies for testimonials.