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== Berkshire Quad ==
Hammocking has been achieved between the fir trees in the northeast corner of the [[odd quad]].  Not as quiet as some places, thanks to closeness to [[Route 2]], but the firs overhead are lovely and you can't beat the company.
== Dodd Quad ==
== Dodd Quad ==

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Hammocks are wonderful, portable, outdoor couches. They can be bought for as little as $15 at outdoors stores. A good hammock spot is often sunny, with smaller, sturdy trees about 8-10 feet apart, set back a bit from a path so people don't bother you too much.

Hammocks? My goodness, what an idea. Why didn't I think of that? Hammocks!
-- Hank Scorpio, "You Only Move Twice," The Simpsons

Dodd Quad

There is a tree on the Lehman side of the Dodd Quad that will take a hammock set up within its branches, instead of between two trees.

Frosh Quad

The trees and the fence at the western edge of the frosh quad, near the grills, are perfectly spaced for a hammock. Probably the most consistently sunny spot, especially in the afternoon.

Greylock Quad

So it's not really on the quad, but there are trees outside of Bryant (on the Route 2 side) that are perfectly spaced for a hammock.

Mission Park

There are a number of trees near the Haystack Monument (especially on the Dodd side) that are suitable. Sometimes a bit shady for early- or late-season hammocking.

Sawyer Lawn

A few trees can be made to work over by the First Congregational Church. The trees are a little too thick, and it loses sun in the afternoon.