How to search the WSO Facebook directly from the Firefox search box

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First, click on these files: Media:Wso.src and Media:WSO_icon.jpg.

When prompted for what you want to do with the SRC file, choose "Save to Disk" and put it in your Firefox "searchplugins" folder. Wherever Firefox is located on your hard disk, there should be a folder called "searchplugins" in the same directory. On a typical Windows machine, this will be:

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins 

And on Mac OS X, this will be:


Save the "wso.jpg" file in the same "searchplugins" folder. That's it. Restart firefox. Now, when you click on the icon or little triangle next to your Firefox search box, the drop-down menu should show "WSO Facebook" as one of the search engines you can use. Note, however, that you'll probably need to be on campus for it to work.

Note: This is stolen from Ronit Bhattacharyya '07's blog. I changed the pic, though, to use the WSO "W" instead of the Williams "W" (a fine distinction).