Hubbell House

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Hubbell is a small house-like dorm on the Dodd Quad. Hubbell is a small house and rooms are fairly nice, large, and all have their own bathrooms. This and the proximity to the finery of Dodd and Mission Dining Hall make it a rather desirable location for upperclassmen, but this trend is tempered by the allocation of the larger rooms as doubles. These factors combine to make Hubbell a fairly class-diverse house.

Hubbell's kitchen is small, and its smallness worsened by its odd shape. It has the basic needs though, including cabinet space, stove, a table (too cramped to host a real dinner) and a fridge. The kitchen does have a nice door leaving from the real of the house, and the window of this door sometimes has a pleasant view of the campus cemetery.

A volleyball net is traditionally set up on the grass directly in front of it, but the poor drainage of the grass there and the poor quality of the net makes it rarely used.

The Hubbell Double

This space on the first floor is the largest in the house, and features a large west-facing patio. Primed to go as a top pick, this room is sometimes available to juniors due to its status as a double.

A strong drawback of the patio, though, is that the door that accesses it is a one-way door rigged with a door buzzer that makes it difficult to enjoy the space. The door will lock behind you, and you can't prop it open. A resident would have to take his card with him and re-enter through the Hubbell front entrance.