Joe McDonough

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Mr. McDonough is currently teaching Latin, Greek, and similar subjects to high school students in Kent, Connecticut. He also coaches sports he doesn't play, plays the organ at Mass, and accompanies musical theatre productions. The electric organ in his apartment makes a good conversation starter. He politely ignores the young (too young!) women constantly throwing themselves at his feet, because that is just plain wrong. Besides, let's face it: most of his social life is still at Williams.

Taught a notable Free University course on Latin. Likes to play Snow Bocce.

Rang the Thompson Chapel Bells- Most frequently played: Respighi, Preludio and L'Usignuolo from The Birds; Handel, March from Occasional Oratorio; medleys from Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music; Copland, Hoe-Down from Rodeo, Singing in the Rain, Let it Snow, and White Christmas (when appropriate, and sometimes when not appropriate); assorted Elizabethans and Choir music; hymns

Is possibly the coolest person alive, and his pitch isn't bad either. (No, really. Not a cause for complaint AT ALL...) Frequently seen striding across campus or leading throngs of less musical people in song, Joe is a hero among men. His dream is to become a flying squirrel.

And he still believes that Jesus rose from the dead.

Claimed middle names: "D'Lavish Whoopification," "D'Exciting Revelry," "Defender of Innocents," "D'Through Composed" (or "Durchkomponiert"), "Dangerous Rhode Island Specimen," "Distraction Extraordinaire," "Decadent Senior," "Decadence in a Bowl," "Desperately Holding Up the Candle of Literacy During the Dark Ages," "D'Employed," "Delightfully Surreal and Irish," "Driver's License, Has A," Not "Derelict," "D'AIM bot," "Dignified."