Jonathan Landsman

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Jonathan Landsman is currently spending an incredible amount of time trolling Willipedia and working through his post-graduation no-writing-assignments issues here. I ought to write something more about my history if this page is going to exist, but I welcome you to edit this page to help me out. In the meantime, be sure to read up on Cribbage, an epic work in progress.

Jonathan Landsman was born on March 8, 1983, in Rutherford, Ohio. His mother, Cynthia Landsman, is noted for her skill as a semi-professional cribbage player. His father, Russ Landsman, is an engineer. He has two siblings ages 19 and 16.

Jonathan Landsman is not the same as a bicycle. One has two wheels and serves as a popular mode of transportation due to its efficiency at translating the motion of the legs into motion on the ground. The other is a former student of Williams College and a fine young man. Also sometimes bicycles have baskets and bells.

Jonathan Landsman was always a curious kid growing up. At the age of 7 he tried to climb a tree to touch the sun but fell and broke his leg. After it healed, he tried it again but realized the tree wasn't tall enough. To this day, he hasn't stopped trying.

When Jonathan Landsman smiles, his eyes don't move.

Jonathan Landsman tied for 84th place for the 2005 ACBL District 25 Rookie of the Year award.

Williams' Jonathan Landsman is not Jonathan Landman, deputy managing editor for digital journalism at the New York Times. Nor is he Jonathan Landsman, director of the Great Lakes Yacht Club.