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Kings is a drinking game commonly played while pre-gaming. It has many variations all of which involve a deck of cards, several players and beverages. One version of the rules is presented here.

The deck of cards is laid out face down around a beer (or some other canned beverage of your liking). Everyone participating in the game grabs a beverage and gathers around the cards. Players take turns picking a card. Depending on what card they pick they follow the rules for that particular card. After the action specified by the card is completed, the player who drew it places the card under the tab of the canned beverage. The player to pop the tab of the beverage has to drink the entire thing, and a new one is put in its place.

These are the rules by card type:

2- You- The player picks someone to drink.

3- Me- The player drinks themselves.

4- Floor- All players touch the floor. The last player to touch the floor drinks.

5- Guys- All males participating drink.

6- Chicks- All females participating drink.

7- Heaven- All players point upwards raising their hands towards the ceiling (or sky if played outdoors). The last player to do this drinks.

8- Mate- The player picks a mate. Whenever a player's mate drinks, they must as well.

9- Rhyme- The player who draws the card says a word. The next player must say a word that rhymes with that word, and players continue rhyming until a player messes up by not rhyming or repeating a word. That player must drink.

10- Thumb Master- Player is now the thumb master. Anytime they put their thumb on the table, all other players must do the same. Last player to do so must drink. Only one player is thumb master, so if another player draws a 9 they become the new thumb master.

Jack- Rules- Player invents a new rule. This rule must be followed until the next jack is drawn, in which case a new rule is created. These rules usually involve drinking if something is done (or not done). An example is the "little man" rule. When this rule is implemented players must remove an imaginary little man from their drink when they drink or the drink does not count and they must repeat it.

Queen- Question Master- This player becomes the question master. Anytime they ask a player a question, that player must answer in the form of a question or they have to drink.

King- Categories- Player comes up with a category. Players go around in a circle naming things in that category. First player to repeat another or hesitate must drink.

Ace- Waterfall- All players start drinking their beverage. The player who drew the card may go for as long as they want. The player to their right cannot stop until they stop drinking. Each player continues drinking until the player to their right stops. Multiple beverages may be consumed during a waterfall. The player to the left at the player who drew the ace is generally screwed.

Please note this is just one variant of the rules. Many others exist.