Knock-You-Naked bar

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Known generally as "Knock-You-Nakeds." Probably the single best creation of Williams College Dining Services. A gooey, chocolate, caramel concoction with far more power and appeal than a "Knock-Your-Socks-Off Bar" but less liability than a "Death-By-Chocolate-and-Caramel Bar."

A note to the nervous or paranoidally modest: eating one of these will not actually knock you naked.

Do you think that we can get a recipe?

Events relating to Knock-You-Nakeds

  • It has been rumored that there have been informal Knock-You-Naked eating contests. Contestants must have extreme endurance. In a non-contest setting, it is extremely rare to see a person try to eat more than one of these dense desserts.
  • In the 2004-2005 academic year, Lisetta Shah '06 et al managed to smuggle a large number of Knock-You-Nakeds out of Greylock Dining Hall by lowering them out the window in a tupperware container, using a large number of napkins all tied together for a rope.

The Ultimate Knock-You-Naked

Microwave a Knock-You-Naked for 20 seconds, or if it's cold, 30-40 seconds. Eat with fork. Caution: It's hot. It's also mighty tasty.

For extra deliciousness, microwave the Knock-You-Naked as directed, and add a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream on top.